Sunday, August 24, 2008

Divine Institutions

In Genesis 9 God establishes government to maintain order and justice in the world of man. In Genesis 10 God establishes nations, or nationalism, as a buffer zone between societies to help prevent false philosophies and corrupt morals from spreading like a cultural cancer through the earth. These two institutions were set in place by God in addition to the first three divine institutions established for the well being of mankind: individual freedom (or, responsibility), marriage and family. These five institutions that God established for the well being and peace of mankind were:
individual freedom
It will be interesting to listen to the radio, read the newspaper, listen to conversations or watch the internet over the next few weeks to see how many times these five institutions are attacked in our own society. You will hear of activist groups demanding their individual freedoms and rights but refusing to be responsible. One out of every two marriages ends in divorce and many more couples live in a marital wreck, while others redefine marriage in a way that is corrupt and worthless to society. The traditional family unit is on its way to becoming a minority because of the collapse of marriage and individual responsibility. The terms “father”, “mother” and “parent” could be illegal in California when SB 777 was signed into law. It is easy to see the government is more interested in power and service to its self than in maintaining order in our society. The most tragic of all concerns our nation and the wave of anti-Americanism that seems to be a growing trend among Americans. Who told us we had a bad country? We pump more money and services to the world than any other country in the history of mankind! We should be proud of our nation and defend it by supporting the institutions that made it a great benefit to mankind: responsibility, marriage, family, government, and nationalism.

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