Friday, December 19, 2008

New Quiz Site for New Textbook

I have just established a location on the internet to create, host and evaluate online tests and quizzes that will correlate with our new Bible school textbook, Framework for Christian Faith. I have had three people email just this week to sign up for the Generation Word Bible School. The material is ready but the sign up, evaluation and certification process are being assembled as we go. The first chapter test is complete and can be accessed here:

Introduction to Apologetics - Section A, Chapter 1

There are sixty one chapters in the book, and some of them are monster chapters.

Please take this test. It is free for the students and you do not have to register your name to take the test or to have it graded. Give me some feedback if you have time. I can rewrite the test questions, but I can not rewrite the book until the second printing which will occur after we have distributed 3,000 books (or, about 3 1/4 ton of paper.)

I am planning on adding to the assessment segment of the Bible school a blog page with a few essay questions. We envision having at least one essay question for each chapter. Students around the world can comment on the essay answers posted on the blog. This could simulate a classroom environment with feedback, motivation, a variety of perspectives, along with the negative features, such as fear, peer pressure and classroom bullies. There will also be additional reading assignments available.

Here is the Generation Word Bible School profile page which will serve as an index to all the tests that we create. You can see this first quiz at the bottom of that profile page.

The text and information from chapter one can be found here.

Galyn Wiemers