Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Email Concerning "Framework" Textbook

We have sent over 20,000 audio CDs of sermons into Africa and 100's of Bibles and books (Hope for America's Last Generation and Framework for Christian Faith). This summer we made contact with a person in Maryland who frequently ships 20 foot containers to Rev. Clement Owusu Sarpong and his Word Alive Revival Church in Accra, Ghana filled with supplies, Bibles, etc. It was costing us over $20 to mail one "Framework" book into Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc. We can now ship a box of twenty books to Maryland at media mail rate of about $18. That figures out to be less than a dollar a book for shipping to Maryland. From Maryland the box of books is put in the container and the container is put on a freight ship. The delivery time is about 4-6 months, but the savings is worth it. Rev. Clement Sarpong has just emailed us letting us know he has received the books. He sent a list of the names of the people to whom he distributed the "Framework" textbook. Today we have also began to receive thank you emails from those who received our books. Below are a couple of today's emails. The first is from Rev. Sarpong:
We have taken delivery of the 20 FRAMEWORK Books. Thank you and God Bless you. We have distributed them to some needy Pastors and some Bible Schools in Ghana.

The recipients are:
1. Word Alive Bible Institute - 2 copies
2. Visions Ministerial Academy - 2 copies
3. Alive Evangel Bible Institute - 2 copies
4. Gospel Light Bible Institute - 2 copies
5. Liberty Outreach Ministries of Pokuase - 2 copies
6. International Trinity Christian College - 2 copies
7. Bible Way School of Ministry - 2 copies
1 copy each to:
- Rev. Johnson Adamu of Rural Outreach Ministries;
- Pastor Listowell Appiah of Faith Foundation Ministries;
- Rev Gare Atimpane a Deliverance Minister in the Muslim North of Ghana
- The Youth Ministry of Central University College.

The last 2 copies are left in the Library of Word Alive Revival Church
We told all the recipients to send a 'Thank You' note to. God bless you for the donation. God bless Mrs. Akyea for shipping the books to us freely and God bless Word Alive Revival Church for sponsoring the Customs clearance and Free distributions.

Sir, We pray that we can use this great opportunity of Mrs. Akyea's help to assist the needy, not only in Ghana, but in the West African sub region.

She is prepared to ship up to a 20ft Container of Bibles and/or any ministry tool from the USA to us.

She has visited us in Ghana and can testify of the great work we are doing for the Lord. We are therefore asking you for at least 300 copies of the Framework books through her.
A thank you email from one of the recipients:
Thank you for the great book you sent to us through Rev Clement. We are students of Central University College ministering to the needy and organizing Christian Fellowships. Our only regret is that the one book is not enough for us and plead for about 10 copies. We know that in the very near future your book will become an official Text Book in our University which is a christian institution.

Yours Truly,
The President of The Youth Ministry
And, one more email from today. This one is from Nigeria:
I have gained access to your book'FRAMEWORK', I have seen the great work you have done to simplified the the bible. Sir, as a student of theology, I found the book important to me. I am using this medium to seek for your help by sending me a copy of the framework and all other materials you can let out for a pastor in tranning. I pray that God will continue to widen your your horizon. I will be glad to seing from you soon.
Galyn Wiemers