Sunday, August 24, 2008

Canidates and Freedom

The other night in church a friend told me he always judges the presidential candidates by listening for the one who promises to do the least for him. This evaluation technique is based on the concept that no one is more concerned about us and our families than we are. Neither is anyone more capable of spending our money more effectively than we are. His logic is solid. No president and no government can do as much for a man than that man himself. It seems that very few people think this way. If you listen to the candidates talk or listen to people talk about the candidates the focus is on what the candidates promise to do for people and what they promise to give people. These candidates have nothing to give us except what they have already received from us. There are no candidates telling us, “If I am elected I will stay out of the way so the citizens can take full advantage of the freedoms and opportunities this country offers.” Are we really waiting for government to solve our problems? Are we waiting for government to make us moral? Provide us with work? Educate us? Feed us? Heal us? Think for us? Evaluate movies, video games, music, opinions and religion for us? Legislate right and wrong for us? Are we willingly giving away our freedom? In this election we are demanding the candidates take more of our freedoms away and do it quicker!! Individual responsibility is the absolute bedrock of democracy. To allow our selves to be irresponsible is to disqualify ourselves for the freedoms that come with a democracy.

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