Sunday, January 4, 2009

MP3, Projectors and the Bible School

Thanks to my friend Tim Vaniman the conversion of audio messages from .wav into .mp3 is going fast. Tim is converting them faster than I can get them uploaded. So far we have together converted about 320 messages in about two weeks. Tim is converting the Isaiah series and the Book of John now. He has already finished Genesis, Revelation, Romans, Eschatology and probably more by the time I finish posting this. All these mp3 audios can be found on a growing list at .
Another advance we are trying to make in the ministry is the use of a projector for the Bible School classes. I am thinking that projecting some of the images in the book onto the wall during class will be an advantage both for the on-site class and the online classes. I am thinking of having a LCD projector on my left side with pre-designed charts, maps, etc. and an overhead projector on the right to scribble on while I teach. The white board just doesn't communicate to a larger group nor on the web videos. My son Ben has gone shopping for a computer screen that I could write on to replace the overhead projector. Here also, things are moving faster than I can keep up.

If you are waiting for the new book, Framework for Christian Faith, then this may be the week. Delivery of the first 1,000 copies is scheduled for Monday or Tuesday. Another 2,000 copies will follow later. We will get them in the mail as soon as we get them. We have had requests for this book from 10 countries so far. Email your shipping address to and I will make sure you get a copy at no charge.

Galyn Wiemers

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