Thursday, December 4, 2008

Book Details

I began in January of 2008 attempting to write and organize notes, thoughts and general information that I taught in our Generation Word's 50 week Bible School. During the next five months I found myself too busy with work, teaching Bible classes, following my boy's activities, updating the websites, etc. to make any progress on the book that I wanted to call "Generation Word's Bible School Notes."

But, when summer came I spent every possible minute between June 9 and August 12 writing and drawing maps for 61 chapters. The editing process began right away with many people reading through sections of the book. Tim Vaniman edited the portions that were turned in until sometime in October when we handed the book over to Clint Hansen to set the book for printing and add his illustrations.

Then over Thanksgiving break Jennifer Ruisch, Tim Vaniman and myself read through what Clint had put together. Today the final copy of the book was sent to the printer. The final page count was 550 pages.

When I asked about the shipping cost of the final product I was amazed to find out that the 3,000 books that will be delivered to my house for distribution will weigh over 6,500 pounds. So, sometime in the next 2-3 weeks we will be unloading 3 1/4 ton of "Framework for Christian Faith."

It has been called extensive by Steve Deace of WHO, comprehensive by Joe McGee of Faith for Families, a useful tool by Chuck Grassley of the United States Senate and a valuable reference tool by Mike Swaim, a leader of the men's Cross Trainers group.

I have dedicated this book to people who have spent years sitting in church but have never had the privilege of hearing teaching from the Word of God.

We have already had request from Pakistan, Finland, England, Australila, Nigeria, South Africa for this book. A church in Birmingham, Alabama is planning on using the book for developing Bible teachers and general Christian faith for their people.

We will start another weekly class in Urbandale, Iowa early in January to go through each of the 550 pages of what I call a textbook.

Galyn Wiemers

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Melissa Ulrickson said...

Congrats, Galyn, on crossing the finish line!! I would like to buy a copy please!