Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emerging Church Movement Problem

I called Maxine Sieleman Sunday night to ask her to write a comment for the back cover of our new book "Framework for Christian Faith". While we were talking she voiced her concerns about the new movement in the western church now labeled as the Emerging Church. Maxine and I had talked about this a few weeks ago when I was on her morning talk show but I have none nothing with the topic except throw out a few warnings on Sunday mornings and read some articles and blogs. The Emerging Church movement is the new wave of Christianity that follows the solid evangelical movement. This movement gets a foothold when the lack of biblical understanding among Christians, that stems from the evangelical's fear of commitment to intelligent expository teaching from the pulpit, combines with our cultures drive to destroy critical thinking skills while indoctrinating an entire generation to tolerate and accept anything that is strange or different. We are now faced with a generation that wants to embrace the concept of God but at the same time they can not comprehend an absolute God who does not think and feel exactly as they do about everything. We need to talk more about the Emerging Church in the next few days, but I would sum this blog up by saying that this movement is the ultimate example of people creating God in their own image instead of allowing themselves to be conformed into his image.

Galyn Wiemers

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LEO said...

It seems as though many of us have not strayed far from the followers of Moses and their golden calf.

Good basic foundational knowledge of the Bible is neccessary for all Christians to stay "on track".

Without this knowledge we can all easily be led a stray by "new found" teachings just like the people of Moses time did with their golden calf. Leo